Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from A Case Photo Place!

So, I really wanted to do an A Case Photo Place Christmas card this year to send to all of my 2011 clients, but time slipped by too fast.  Must have been the busy fall I had filled with so many sessions (that I still haven't had time to blog about).  Yay! 

Instead of an A Case Photo Place card this year, ya'll get the next best thing . . . my family card.  Creating fun Christmas cards with my kids' photos have been a tradition of mine for about 9 years now.  They have gotten pretty crazy over the years with many hijinx back and forth between the siblings . . . always girls against the boy and vice versa.  After about 5 years of the hijinx, I figured I'd run the gamut on that and decided to do something really groovy instead.  :) 

I called my hippy friend Lola who happens to be the best costumer around, who hooked me up with THREE (that's right THREE) giant tubs of hippy-wear for us to choose from!  What fun it was for my girls to try on all the old styles from the 70s!  Callahan may not have liked the wigs as much as we did, but we made him wear one despite his resistance.  He was a good sport!

All of the clothes in this photo are vintage, except for Callahan's yellow shirt and his jeans.  Nope, those aren't REAL bell-bottoms.  I clone-stamped the "bells" on to them. :)  Oh, and Lukah's headband is current, too, but it looks pretty boho-hippy to me.  Other than those items all of them are VINTAGE . . . including the shoes!  Thank you, Lola for absolutley making my card this year with your cool stuff! 

So here's the finished product.  All design done in Quark and then I used photoshop to create a vintage "yellowed" look on the photo. 

Merry Christmas from A Case Photo Place, and from my family to yours!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Julie and Joe are . . . ENGAGED!

Oh my gosh!  I haven't had time to blog and I have sooooo many shoots to post.  This winter, when things slow down a bit,  I am going to have post after post after post of all of the work that I've been doing. Enough excuses . . . on to the post!

 I love engagement shoots!  They are exciting to me because the couples are so much in love, and I think it shows through in so many of the shots.  At least I hope it does.  :) That's my goal anyway.   It's exciting for me to be a small part of their journey together early on.  

This next couple is getting married next Summer.  They  were getting ready to move to Michigan, so we wanted to get this shoot in before they left in August.  We had scheduled in June, but were delayed because of rain.  I'm glad we rescheduled, because the night we shot ended up being a beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset instead!  

Meet Julie and Joe . . .

One is a Cubs fan (YAY!) the other is a Cardinals fan (I shall keep my thoughts to myself on that one ha ha!).

Joe changed into a Cubs shirt (the RIGHT shirt to be wearing ha ha!), because, although he is a Cardinals fan, he used to work for the Cubs! 

Julie and Joe are moving to Michigan, where Joe will be getting his doctorate degree!  YAY FOR HIM!  They are sporting t-shirts from the school he will be going to.  And, I have to say, aren't Julie's eyes just the bomb???

Have I mentioned Julie's eyes? (Below)

LOVE LoVe LOVE! (Above AND below) 

These next two are soooooo sweet! I didn't tell them to do that.  I looked up and it was happening. I love it when that happens.  :)

What a rock! (below)

I think this one is my favorite from their shoot (below) 

 The lighting was so pretty.  I love the golden hour!


Julie wanted to do something fun in the session that they could incorporate into their wedding.  These cute pictures will hopefully do just that!

Thanks for looking!  PEACE

Friday, July 29, 2011

Everyone's Buddy!

Wow! Has it been a lllloooonnngggg time since I posted or what? 

It's not that I haven't been busy with photography jobs -- I've actually be BLESSEDLY swamped!  It's just been a SUPER busy summer with one kid in baseball and one in travel softball. I hope to have several posting from my work this Spring and Summer at some point. 

Now, on to my post . . .

In early June, I had the opportunity to photograph Baby Brady.  I've known this cutie since he was born and he's always been a charmer.  Ear to ear smiles for everyone he meets.  So, I was elated when his mommy asked me to do his 18 month pictures. 

We met at Brady's house. They live on an AWESOME farm that'sjust FILLED with fantastic backdrops for cool photos!  It didn't take Brady's mom and I long to realize that he just wasn't his smiley self that night . . . 

I love this next one (Below).  The lighting was so pretty and Brady looks mighty ornery!

 And soon we were on the go -- walking with the wagon instead of sitting in it.  Ha ha!   LOVE THIS!

This next one was his mom's favorite from the shoot. 
So sweet! 

AWWWW!  We took a little break because the little man
 started to cry. 

After a break, Brady had a BLAST playing on his wooden play set. 

He LOVES his slide!

This next series is from round two.  I came back out another night and Brady was back to his CONSTANT smiley self!  SOOOOOO sweet! 

Such a sweet little angel boy! 

The look on his face in the one below is sooo sweet
and innocent.  

This one totally melts my heart!

This one (below) might be my favorite from this series that's similar.  Just LOOK at that ornery look!

This next one cracks me up.  He looks so serious.  Like he means to pose that way.

And this is Dakota.  She had to be a part of the shoot, too.  She is so sweet.  See how she likes to pose beautifully for the camera?  Of all of those pals Brady has, she is most definitely his best buddy!

Brady, you're growing up too fast!  Thanks for 2 fun photo shoots.  You're a total doll!

Thanks for looking.  PEACE!